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Table 5 Summary of results following treatment of A2780cisR cell line with CS administered in two aliquots with 2 h time gap

From: Changes in the in vitro activity of platinum drugs when administered in two aliquots

  Cytotoxic effect Cellular accumulation DNAbinding Proteomicsa
  Fresh Aged Fresh Aged Fresh Aged Fresh Aged
2 h Antagonistic Synergistic Unchanged Increased Increased Greater increase COF2 MARE1 NPM ANXA1 RSSA ACTB CALU HNRPF ATPA HNRPK CH60 TCPQ GLU2B HSP74 HNRPC CALR VIME (D,R), (D,R), (D,R), (D,R), (U,R), (U,R), (U,OR), (D,R), (U,OR), (U,OR), (U,OR), (D,OR), (U,OR), (D,OR), (U,R), (U,R), (U,OR). COX5A COF2 1433γ MARE1 NPM ANXA1 HNRPF ENOA ATPA PDIA3 TCPQ GRP75 HNRPC CALR (D,OR), (D,OR), (D,OR), (D,OR), (D,OR), (D,OR), (D,OR), (D,R), (U,OR), (D,R), (D,R), (D,R), (U,R), (U,OR).
  1. aThe proteins listed have been fully/over restored in A2780cisR due to the selected combinations as compared to the parent A2780 cell line. Keys: U = up-regulated, D = down-regulated, OR = over-restored, R = fully-restored