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Table 2 Patient characteristics (n=5) of trigeminal ganglioneuroma case reports

From: Advanced MRI manifestations of trigeminal ganglioneuroma: a case report and literature review

Patient Gender Age Location Diameter (cm) Border T1WI T2WI T2WI-Flair Enhancement DWI
1 F 8 C-P angle   Clarity Hypointence Hyperintence   Obvious heterogeneous  
2 F 60 Middle cranial fossa 4.5 Clarity Hypointence Hyperintence hyperintence Obvious heterogeneous  
3 M 55 Middle cranial fossa 3.0 Clarity Mix-signals Mix-signals   Obvious heterogeneous  
4 F 44 C-P angle 2 Clarity Isointense Hyperintence   Slight heterogeneous Hyperintense
5 M 19 C-P angle 4.4 Clarity Hypointence Mix iso-hyperintence Mix iso-hyperintence Moderate heterogeneous Isointense
  1. The data of case 1–4 come from the references of 5–8