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Fig. 1

From: Clinicopathological implications of Tiam1 overexpression in invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast

Fig. 1

IHC staining of Tiam1 protein in breast cancer tissues. a Lack of Tiam1 protein staining in normal breast tissues. b Tiam1 protein was showed weakly positive in DCIS tissues. c Diffuse and strong positive expression of Tiam1 protein staining in breast cancer cells with LN metastasis (Luminal B). d Tiam1 was weakly positive in breast cancers with LN metastasis (Luminal B). e Lack of Tiam1 protein staining in breast cancers without metastasis (triple negative). f Tiam1 protein staining localized some nuclear staining was also observed in the metastatic breast cancers with lymphatic vessel invasion (triple negative). (Original magnification, A-F: ×200)

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