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Table 1 Overview of the most relevant WES comparison studies between FF and matched FFPE tissue samples

From: Performance comparison of two commercial human whole-exome capture systems on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded lung adenocarcinoma samples

Study Number/Sample types Tissue type Exome capture kit
Holley et al. [22] 1 matched FF/FFPE pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Agilent SureSelect All Exon Plus
Van Allen et al. [23] 11 matched FF/FFPE lung adenocarcinoma + lung normal tissue Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon v.2
Hedegaard et al. [24] 19 matched FF/FFPE colorectal carcinoma + 13 matching normal FF colon samples Illumina TruSeq Exome Enrichment
Munchel et al. [25] 13 matched FF/FFPE 9 ovarian carcinomas, 2 breast tumor/normal pairs, 2 colon tumor/normal pairs Illumina TruSeq Exome Enrichment
Astolfi et al. [26] 4 matched FF/FFPE gastrointestinal stromal tumors + normal samples (peripheral blood) Illumina Nextera Rapid Capture Exome Enrichment
De Paoli-Iseppi et al. [27] 10 matched FF/FFPE melanoma Illumina TruSeq Exome (10 FF)
Illumina Nextera Rapid Capture Expanded Exome (7 FFPE)
Roche NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Exome +UTR (4 FFPE)
Oh et al. [28] 4 matched FF/FFPE cancer type not defined + matched blood or normal frozen sample NimbleGen exome 2.1 M array (pair 1 and 4);
Agilent SureSelect All Human exon v.5 (pair 2 and 3).