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Table 2 Antibodies utilized for immuno-histochemical detection

From: p53, cathepsin D, Bcl-2 are joint prognostic indicators of breast cancer metastatic spreading

Target protein Antibody Type Provider
Bax p-19a polyclonal Santa Cruz
Bcl-2 100/D5 polyclonal Novocastra/YLEM
Cathepsin D cat-D polyclonal DAKO
Cyclin D1 DCS6 monoclonal Novocastra/YLEM
Cyclin E 13A3 monoclonal Novocastra/YLEM
ERα MU368-UC monoclonal Biogenex
Her-2/erb-B/neu Hercep-test polyclonal DAKO
Ki-67 MIB-1 monoclonal Novocastra/YLEM
p16/INK4 p16 polyclonal Pharmingen
p27/kip1 F-8 monoclonal Santa Cruz
p53 DO7 monoclonal NeoMarkers
PAI-1 sc-6642 polyclonal Santa Cruz
PgR 1A6 polyclonal Ventana
Stromelysin/MMP11 sc-8837 polyclonal Santa Cruz
uPA sc-6830 polyclonal Santa Cruz
  1. aantibodies were utilized as described in Methods