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Fig. 3

From: Dactolisib (NVP-BEZ235) toxicity in murine brain tumour models

Fig. 3

a Coat of nude rats before (left panel) and after (right panel) 1 week of treatment. One rat from the dactolisib treatment group (10 mg/kg) is shown in the upper panel, while one rat from the control group (vehicle only) is shown in the lower panel. b Maculopapular rash observed in some rats during dactolisib exposure. c Blood glucose levels in nude rats after 6 weeks of dactolisib treatment. *P <0.05. d Serum levels of ALT from rats exposed to dactolisib for 6 weeks. *P <0.05. E) Graphic presentation of adverse effects observed in nude rats exposed to dactolisib. (n = 6 for each group) F) Weight development in nude rats during dactolisib exposure (n = 4). Red arrow indicates dose increase from 10 mg/kg to 20 mg/kg

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