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Fig. 6

From: Systems-level effects of ectopic galectin-7 reconstitution in cervical cancer and its microenvironment

Fig. 6

Differential network analysis of Gal-7+ CaCx cells and tumors. a Integrative analysis strategy. b Common candidates that were differentially regulated at the transcriptional or translational level compared against their Gal-7- controls. Numbers indicate fold changes. c, d Differential network analysis in Gal-7+ HeLa and SiHa cells and tumors. Color depth represents the fold change with respect to the control. Red: up-regulation, blue: down-regulation. Major transcription factors (MTF) are shown in the center. The colored lines derived from MTFs show the transcriptional relationship. The shape of the symbols indicates the following: square for transcript, circle for protein, hexagon for TF, diamond for miRNA, and triangle for lncRNA. Wide, green shape edges represent that the information for this molecule was obtained in vitro, while the thin, black edges mean in vivo molecule information

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