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Fig. 2

From: Systems-level effects of ectopic galectin-7 reconstitution in cervical cancer and its microenvironment

Fig. 2

Analysis of Gal-1/-7 expression and survival in the TCGA-CESC cohort. a Hierarchical clustering of Gal-7 and Gal-1 expression in a 185-patient panel of CESC from the TCGA. b Gal-7 and Gal-1 expression in TCGA-CESC patients. c Kaplan-Meier curve for 5000 days of overall survival in the CESC panel of TCGA. Censored events were marked with vertical black lines. d Inverse correlation of Gal-7 expression and methylation. e Immunohistological staining of Gal-1 and Gal-7 in normal and cervical cancer tissue sections (immunohistochemistry images were taken from the Human Protein Atlas Project). Gal-1 was detected using the HPA000646 antibody. Gal-7 was detected using the HPA001549 antibody. (BMann Whitney test P < 0.0001 Gaussian Approximation two-tailed P-value; *** means highly significant. Clog-rank test; p = 0.005. DP < 0.0001, Spearman r, two tailed P value, alpha = 0.05)

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