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Fig. 1

From: Systems-level effects of ectopic galectin-7 reconstitution in cervical cancer and its microenvironment

Fig. 1

Study design and galectin expression in cervical cancer. a Pipeline of the complete experimental approach. b Gene expression profiles of galectin family members in clinical samples (normal cervix and squamous cell carcinoma, SCC) and CaCx cell lines obtained from the Scotto cohort. c Gal-7 transcription in normal cervical tissue, high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) from the Zhai cohort. d qPCR and Western blot analysis of Gal-7 in primary keratinocytes (PK), HPV 16 E6, E7 and E6/E7 immortalized human keratinocytes, and CaCx cells (CaSki, SiHa, HeLa). e Analysis of Gal-7 expression in clinical samples (derived from HPV16 positive SCCs) and normal tissue. (BKruskall-Wallis Test, P < 0.0001, Dunn’s Multiple Comparison Test P < 0.05; ET Test, P < 0.05, *** means highly significant, ** moderately significant)

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