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Table 2 Significant correlations of uPAR/IGF1R or uPAR/uPA complexes with clinical parameters and tumour-associated markers

From: uPAR enhances malignant potential of triple-negative breast cancer by directly interacting with uPA and IGF1R

PLA complexes Parameters p-values
uPAR with IGF1R Histological grade 0.0019
Ki67 0.0284
Cathepsin B 0.0168
Cathepsin D 0.0290
PAI-1 0.0001 (inverse)
uPA 0.0002 (inverse)
p27Kip1 0.0103 (inverse)
uPAR with uPA IGF1R 0.0032
Cathepsin B ≤0.0001
Cathepsin D ≤0.0001
Tumour size 0.0065 (inverse)