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Fig. 2

From: Casein kinase 1α has a non-redundant and dominant role within the CK1 family in melanoma progression

Fig. 2

CK1δ and ε reciprocally regulate their expression by a post-transcriptional mechanism. a Specific siRNA mediated knockdown of CK1- isoforms in SbCl2 (left panel) and SKMEL19 (right panel) melanoma cells. The influence of the corresponding isoforms on the other two isoforms was evaluated by western blotting 48 h post siRNA transfection. Beta-actin detection served as a loading control. b Overexpression of CK1α, δ and ε in SbCl2 and SKMEL19 melanoma cells by viral transduction. Lysates were prepared 48 h after overexpression and western blots were probed with isoform specific antibodies and β-actin as a loading control. c Relative mRNA expression analysis of the three CK1 isoforms α, δ and ε after overexpression of the respective isoforms 48 h post induction/ transduction. 18S rRNA was used as reference gene. Ad5-LacZ transduced cells served as control for CK1α overexpression. Non-induced (Dox -) cells were used as control for overexpression of CK1δ and ε. All values were referenced to untreated SbCL2 and SKMEL19 control cells. Mutliple t-test was used to calculate statistically significant (* p < 0.05) expression differences after overexpression

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