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Fig. 2

From: Return to work after cancer treatment of gynecologic cancer in Japan

Fig. 2

Receiver operating characteristic curve analyses to predict no return to work or job change. a No return to work (same reinstatement (n = 142) vs no return to work (n = 32)). b Job change (same reinstatement (n = 142) vs job change (n = 25)). Correlations among all characteristics: 1. Age, 2. Marital status, 3. Children, 4. Cancer site, 5. Cancer stage, 6. Treatment duration, 7. Employment pattern, 8. Work days per week, 9. Work time per day, 10. Number of people at workplace, 11. Personal income, 12. Household income, 13. Physical uneasiness, and 14. Psychological uneasiness

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