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Fig. 9

From: Bifidobacterial recombinant thymidine kinase-ganciclovir gene therapy system induces FasL and TNFR2 mediated antitumor apoptosis in solid tumors

Fig. 9

BF-rTK inhibits intestinal cancer tissues TNF-α expression. Immunohistochemistry using the specific antibody of TNF-α antibody and the xenograft tumor tissues treated by PBS, GCV, BF, BF + GCV and BF-rTK + GCV (200×, n = 3). The yellow color shows positively stained cells by TNF antibody. IOD SUM of positive cells was compared among PBS, GCV, BF, BF + GCV and BF-rTK + GCV mice. Data are given as means and 95 % confidence intervals. Asterisks indicate data that are significantly different from PBS, GCV groups and BF, BF + GCV groups, or both BF, BF + GCV groups and BF-rTK + GCV groups (*p < 0.05 statistically significant when comparing treated versus control)

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