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Fig. 2

From: Bifidobacterial recombinant thymidine kinase-ganciclovir gene therapy system induces FasL and TNFR2 mediated antitumor apoptosis in solid tumors

Fig. 2

Silencing Bim or/and Bid rescues cancer cells from apoptosis induced by BF-rTK + GCV. a Cell imagines and quantitative analysis of the cell density by cell count. (Negative control vs BF-rTK + GCV+ Negative control; BF-rTK + GCV+ Negative control vs BF-rTK + GCV + siBim, BF-rTK + GCV+ Negative control vs BF-rTK + GCV + siBid, BF-rTK + GCV+ Negative control vs BF-rTK + GCV + siBim + siBid). b Western blot analysis of Bim and Bid protein expression. Colo320 cells were treated with silencing Bim394, Bid 77 or with a control silencing siRNA for 48 h, and then cells were treated with or without BF-rTK + GCV for 48 h. Cell protein was extracted to detect Bim and Bid expression. Bim or Bid expression was silenced by Bim394 and Bid 77. c Quantification of protein levels from immunoblots as in b. The protein levels of Bid and Bim were normalized to GAPDH (*P < 0.05 statistically significant when comparing treated versus control; #P > 0.05 statistically no significant when comparing treated versus control)

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