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Fig. 7

From: IAP antagonists Birinapant and AT-406 efficiently synergise with either TRAIL, BRAF, or BCL-2 inhibitors to sensitise BRAFV600E colorectal tumour cells to apoptosis

Fig. 7

SMAC-mimetics AT-406 and Birinapant show synergistic effects when co-treated with TRAIL in HT29 and RKO. 7a-HT29: Synergy graphs for HT29 cell line treated for 48 and 72 h with AT-406 or Birinapant fixed dose (5 μM) and increasing concentrations of TRAIL (from left to right: 100, 50, 25, 12,5, 6,25, 3,125, 1,5625 and 0,78125 ng/mL). 7b-RKO: Respectively for RKO cell line with fixed dose of SMAC-mimetics 1 μM

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