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Fig. 1

From: Saikosaponin d induces cell death through caspase-3-dependent, caspase-3-independent and mitochondrial pathways in mammalian hepatic stellate cells

Fig. 1

SSd inhibited cell proliferation and colony formation, induced apoptosis, and reduced α-SMA expression on HSC-T6 and LX-2 cells. (a) HSC-T6 and LX-2 cells were treated with SSd (1 μM) for 0, 16, 24, 48 and 72 h. Cell proliferation rate was detected by the MTT assay. (b) SSd inhibited HSCs cell growth as determined by colony formation assay. (c) Cell morphology was visualized by an optical microscope with magnification: 200×. Apoptotic cells of both HSC-T6 (d) and LX-2 cells (e) were detected by flow cytometry. (f) The α-SMA protein was measured in HSCs treated with a variety of SSd doses by Western blotting. Data are the mean ± S.D. from 3 independent experiments

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