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Table 3 KEGG pathways responded to CPA in GL261(B6) tumors

From: Metronomic cyclophosphamide activation of anti-tumor immunity: tumor model, mouse host, and drug schedule dependence of gene responses and their upstream regulators

A. Top up regulated pathways
   Gene Count % P-Value
 Immuno-stimulatory signaling pathways mmu04060:Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 105 5.05 1.36E-30
mmu04142:Lysosome 50 2.41 4.61E-14
mmu04514:Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 55 2.65 5.33E-12
mmu04062:Chemokine signaling pathway 59 2.84 7.45E-11
mmu04630:Jak-STAT signaling pathway 50 2.41 1.51E-09
mmu04620:Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 38 1.83 1.71E-09
mmu04512:ECM-receptor interaction 34 1.64 2.09E-09
mmu04621:NOD-like receptor signaling pathway 27 1.30 2.96E-08
mmu04612:Antigen processing and presentation 32 1.54 4.18E-07
mmu04510:Focal adhesion 53 2.55 9.28E-07
mmu04210:Apoptosis 29 1.40 5.42E-06
mmu04610:Complement and coagulation cascades 25 1.20 2.82E-05
mmu05340:Primary immunodeficiency 16 0.77 2.88E-05
mmu04670:Leukocyte transendothelial migration 33 1.59 7.23E-05
 Immune effector activation pathway mmu04650:Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 56 2.69 7.15E-18
mmu04660:T cell receptor signaling pathway 39 1.88 1.13E-07
mmu04662:B cell receptor signaling pathway 30 1.44 2.18E-07
 Pathways in immune related disease mmu04640:Hematopoietic cell lineage 45 2.17 1.28E-17
mmu05332:Graft-versus-host disease 31 1.49 3.57E-12
mmu04940:Type I diabetes mellitus 28 1.35 9.06E-09
mmu05330:Allograft rejection 26 1.25 2.82E-08
mmu05416:Viral myocarditis 31 1.49 3.05E-06
mmu04672:Intestinal immune network for IgA production 21 1.01 1.16E-05
mmu05320:Autoimmune thyroid disease 25 1.20 1.30E-05
mmu05322:Systemic lupus erythematosus 29 1.40 1.65E-04
B. Top down regulated pathways
 Tumor cell essential function pathways mmu00100: Steroid biosynthesis 10 1.28 1.45E-09
mmu00900: Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis 8 1.02 1.80E-07
mmu03030: DNA replication 10 1.28 2.41E-06
mmu00240: Pyrimidine metabolism 14 1.79 2.95E-05
mmu04110: Cell cycle 16 2.04 4.15E-05
  1. KEGG pathways enriched at p < 0.0001 in the sets of genes up regulated (A) or down regulated (B) by CPA in GL261(B6) tumors (Additional file 1: Table S1A). The complete set of KEGG pathways identified is shown in Additional file 5: Table S4A. Related KEGG pathways were grouped into categories, as shown. Count, number of input genes associated with the particular pathway; %, percentage of input genes associated with the particular term as a percent of total input genes. P Value, modified Fisher Exact P-Value output from David analysis