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Fig. 2

From: Heat shock protein 70–2 (HSP70-2) is a novel therapeutic target for colorectal cancer and is associated with tumor growth

Fig. 2

CRC specimens express HSP70-2 protein. First panel shows the cytostructure of representative micrographs of stage I-IV CRC specimen sections stained with H&E. Second panel shows chocolate brown reactivity in Stage I-IV CRC specimen sections probed with anti-HSP70-2 antibody. No immuno-reactivity was observed in stage I-IV CRC specimen sections probed with control IgG antibody (Third panel). ANCT specimens failed to show any immuno-reactivity probed with anti-HSP70-2 antibody (Fourth panel). Bottom most panel shows no HSP70-2 protein expression in representative specimens obtained from healthy patients. Original magnification x200, objective x20. Scale bar: 100 μm

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