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Table 5 Per-sample costs and hands-on time for HRM and pyrosequencing analyses

From: A rational two-step approach to KRAS mutation testing in colorectal cancer using high resolution melting analysis and pyrosequencing

  HRM Pyrosequencing
Costs (Euro)
 Reagents 3.40 90.00
 Consumables 2.40 3.50
 Controls 1.70 8.50
 Total 7.50 102.00
Time (minutes)
 14 samples + 4 controls 60  
 22 samples + 2 controls   120
  1. Costs for the controls were estimated based on the maximum number of samples that can be processed in one HRM- or pyrosequencing run, respectively. Costs for HRM controls also include DNA isolation from KRAS WT and mutant cell lines. Hands-on time is indicated for full capacity runs