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Fig. 7

From: Vascular disruptive agent OXi4503 and anti-angiogenic agent Sunitinib combination treatment prolong survival of mice with CRC liver metastasis

Fig. 7

OXi4503/Sunitinib combination treatment prolongs survival of mice with CRC liver metastasis. Kaplan–Meier analysis for cancer related survival between control, OXi4503, Sunitinib and Sunitinib/OXi4503 treated groups. Data is expressed as mean value ± SEM, with n = 10 for each group. Sunitinib (40 mg/kg)/OXi4503 (100 mg/kg) combination treatment resulted in significant improvement in median or overall survival compared to control as found by log rank test (Sunitinib/OXi4503 vs Control P < 0.004, vs OXi4503 P < 0.006, vs Sunitinib P < 0.005)

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