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Fig. 2

From: Vascular disruptive agent OXi4503 and anti-angiogenic agent Sunitinib combination treatment prolong survival of mice with CRC liver metastasis

Fig. 2

Shorter Sunitinib treatment ameliorates liver toxicity. Sunitinib (40 mg/kg) was given daily from either day 14 or day 16 post tumor induction. OXi4503 (100 mg/kg) was given as a single dose at day 16. a Livers with tumor metastases (No yellow tinge in Day 16 combination treatment). b Liver weight of treated vs control (# P < 0.05). Significant decrease in liver weight of Day 14 combination treatment vs naïve (non tumor bearing) liver (* P < 0.011) but not in Day16. Data is expressed as mean value ± SEM, with n ≥ 5 for each group. Statistical significance determined using ANOVA with post-hoc Tukey-HSD tests. c H&E staining tumor/liver tissues following treatment. L = liver, T = tumor. First column Scale bar = 200 μm Second and third column images represent insets from first column images depicting liver damage (arrows) in liver tissue adjacent and distant to tumors in Day 14 but not in Day 16 combination treatment. Scale bar = 50 μm

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