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Fig. 1

From: Vascular disruptive agent OXi4503 and anti-angiogenic agent Sunitinib combination treatment prolong survival of mice with CRC liver metastasis

Fig. 1

Treatment effects on CRC liver metastases. Sunitinib (40 mg/kg) was given daily from day 14 post tumor induction while OXi4503 (100 mg/kg) was given as a single dose at day 16. a Livers with tumor metastases (upper panel). Liver weights (lower panel) expressed as mean value ± SEM, with n ≥ 5 for each group. Significant decrease in liver weight in treatment groups compared to control (*P < 0.05). Significant decrease in liver weight in Sunitinib and combination treatments compared to naïve liver group (# P < 0.011 and 0.007, respectively). Statistical significance determined using ANOVA with post-hoc Tukey-HSD tests. b H&E staining tumor/liver tissues following treatment. Scale bar = 200 μm T = Tumor, L = Liver. Live tumor areas enclosed within blue lines. Arrows in combination panel indicate areas of liver damage. c quantitation of live tumor area expressed as mean value ± SEM, with n ≥ 5 for each group. (*P < 0.01 for combination vs control or other treatments). d magnification of inset in combination panel (b) depicting low frequency of viable tumor cells (black arrows) and liver damage (yellow arrows). Scale bar = 50 μm

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