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Fig. 4

From: Changes in mitochondrial stability during the progression of the Barrett’s esophagus disease sequence

Fig. 4

Expression of CYGB along the Barrett’s disease sequence. The expression of CYGB is demonstrated in normal (mean 0.425, standard error of mean [SEM] 0.231), SIM (mean 11.013, SEM 8.493), LGD (mean 6.03, SEM 1.555), HGD (mean 3.580, SEM 1.580) and EAC biopsies (mean 4.581, SEM 0.991). SIM over-expressed CYGB relative to LGD and EAC. There was a significant increase in CYGB in SIM, LGD, HGD and EAC samples when compared with normal squamous epithelium. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.005

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