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Table 1 Patients characteristics, ultrasound scans, and treatment technique

From: Determining intrafractional prostate motion using four dimensional ultrasound system

Age (Y)  
 Mean 68
 Range 58–76
 Mean 27
 Range 22–37
PSA level, ng/mL  
 Mean 12.4
 Range 2–22
Differentiation (Gleason Score)  
 Mean 5.7
 Range 2.4–8.8
 Total fractions 38
 Dose/fraction [Gy] 2.0
Race/ ethnicity Danish patients
Prostate patients Excluding all post prostatectomy
Radiation treatment Only external radiotherapy (RapidArc)
Bladder filling A standard bladder filling protocol
Number of US scans/patient 4–6 scans
Total number of US scans 51 scans