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Fig. 5

From: Combination of VP3 and CD147-knockdown enhance apoptosis and tumor growth delay index in colorectal tumor allograft

Fig. 5

Histopathology of CT26 colon cancer cell line-induced tumor in mice. CUT = Untreated control, CLacZ = pVIVO1-GFP/LacZ control, Czeo = psiRNA-h7SKzeo control, TVP3 = Treated with pVIVO1-GFP/VP3 (VP3), TshCD = Treated with psiRNA-CD147/2 (shCD147/2), TV-shCD(50) and TV-shCD(100) = Treated with low and high dose of VP3-shCD147/2 combination respectively. Tumors were resected at day 25 post-treatment. Sections showing numerous mitotic features (arrow heads), extensive fibrosis (fi border by a dotted line), blood vessel ruptures (asterisk) and numerous apoptotic bodies (full arrows). H&E (×200). Right panel of TV-shCD(100) at × 400 magnification

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