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Fig. 3

From: Combination of VP3 and CD147-knockdown enhance apoptosis and tumor growth delay index in colorectal tumor allograft

Fig. 3

Relative tumor volumes in mice CT26 colon cancer cell line-induced tumor treated with LacZ, zeo, VP3, shCD147/2 and VP3-shCD147/2 combination. On long-term, combination VP3-shCD147/2 treatments were effective in inhibiting tumor growth than either VP3 or shCD147/2 alone. The plasmids used in the treatments were pVIVO1-GFP/LacZ (LacZ), psiRNA-h7SKzeo (zeo), pVIVO1-GFP/VP3 (VP3) and psiRNA-CD147/2 (shCD147/2)

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