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Fig. 2

From: Pseudo-HE images derived from CARS/TPEF/SHG multimodal imaging in combination with Raman-spectroscopy as a pathological screening tool

Fig. 2

Overview of acquired and generated images of mouse colon sections (3 out of 22 images in total): In row A, multimodal images are displayed (for details see Methods Section, non-linear multimodal microscopy). In row B and C the computationally derived pseudo-HE stained images based on the multimodal images and the HE stained image are displayed, respectively. The pseudo-HE images of row B are generated non-invasively allowing for a subsequent analysis by other modalities or stains. Red flag regions, which were subsequently analyzed by Raman-spectroscopy (see Fig. 4) are marked with a white arrow in row A. The scale bar represents 500 μm

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