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Table 1 MCHB AUC in untransformed and HchrR6-transformed 4T1 tumors. AUC values in tumors were calculated over 24 h of CNOB treatment as determined by fluorescence imaging and LC/MS/MS. Statistical analysis of AUC was carried out by log transformed raw AUC data followed by two-tail paired t-test between each two groups of samples

From: Utilizing native fluorescence imaging, modeling and simulation to examine pharmacokinetics and therapeutic regimen of a novel anticancer prodrug

AUC (h*ng/g tissue) Imaging LC/MS/MS
4T1 54 ± 34 50 ± 28
4T1/HchrR6 336 ± 183** 325 ± 121**
  1. ** p < 0.01 as compared between 4T1 and 4T1/HchrR6 tumors using the same quantitative approach; no significant difference was observed between groups with the same type of tumors