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Fig. 1

From: Subcellular differential expression of Ep-ICD in oral dysplasia and cancer is associated with disease progression and prognosis

Fig. 1

Immunohistochemical analysis of Ep-ICD in oral tissues. Paraffin-embedded sections of histologically normal mucosa, oral dysplasia and OSCC were stained using anti-Ep-ICD monoclonal antibody as described in Methods section. Panel presents representative photomicrographs of Ep-ICD staining. a Shows predominantly Ep-ICDCyt staining in normal oral mucosa with some stromal staining; b Increased cytoplasmic and nuclear staining is observed in dysplasia; c OSCC also shows cytoplasmic and nuclear staining; d No immunostaining was observed in tissue sections used as negative controls where the primary antibody was replaced by isotype specific IgG; while a known OSCC showing Ep-ICDNuc and Ep-ICDCyt was used as a positive control (Data not shown); (a, b, c, d, original magnification x 200)

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