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Fig. 4

From: The triptolide derivative MRx102 inhibits Wnt pathway activation and has potent anti-tumor effects in lung cancer

Fig. 4

Patient tumors expressing high Wnt3a levels are sensitive to MRx102 treatment. a TOP-Flash Wnt activity assay in MRx102 treated H460 (left) and A549 (right) cells. b Western blot analysis of WIF1 expression in H460 mouse xenograft tumors. c WIF1 promoter methylation status in H460 and A549 cells treated with MRx102. d RT-PCR (top) and western blot (bottom) analysis of WIF1 expression in the patient-derived xenograft tissue. e Patient tumor expressing low WIF1 shows decreased tumor volume (top) and weight (bottom) when treated with 3 mg/kg MRx102 compared to 6 mg/kg cisplatin treatment alone. f High WIF1 expressing patient tumor does not respond to MRx102 treatment. Tumor volume (top), tumor weight (bottom). n = 7. g Western blot analysis of WIF1, phospho-β-catenin, and total β-catenin in the patient-derived xenograft tissue treated with 3 mg/kg MRx102 compared with control tumors. p values were determined using a Student t-test or one-way Anova with a Tukey post test. *, **, and *** represent p values of < .05, <0.01, and < .001, respectively, and are derived from a comparison between the control and treated groups

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