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Fig. 6

From: Combination of a third generation bisphosphonate and replication-competent adenoviruses augments the cytotoxicity on mesothelioma

Fig. 6

Expression of Ad receptors and infectivity of Ad. a Expression levels of CAR and integrin αvβ3 or αvβ5 molecules on MSTO-211H and NCI-H28 cells were analyzed with flow cytometry. Representative profiles of cells untreated or treated with ZOL (MSTO-211H: 10 μM, NCI-H28: 80 μM) for 48 h are shown. CAR expression on MSTO-211H cells was always biphasic and both low and high CAR-positive cells were detected Shaded profiles are those stained with 2nd Ab alone. b Efficacy of Ad infection examined with Ad-GFP. Cells were infected with Ad-GFP (300–3,000 vp/cell) and treated with or without ZOL (MSTO-211H: 10 μM, NCI-H28: 80 μM) for 48 h. The mean fluorescent intensity of the GFP-positive cells was analyzed with flow cytometry and expressed with an arbitrary unit. Averages and the SE bars are shown (n = 3)

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