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Fig. 1

From: Combination of a third generation bisphosphonate and replication-competent adenoviruses augments the cytotoxicity on mesothelioma

Fig. 1

A growth inhibitory activity of ZOL or Ad-delE1B55 on mesothelioma. a Cells were treated with various concentrations of ZOL for 5 days and the cell viabilities were measured with the WST assay. The relative viabilities were calculated based on the absorbance without ZOL treatments. Means of triplicated samples and SE bars are shown (n = 3). b Cells were infected with various amounts of Ad-delE1B55 and the viability was tested with the WST assay 5 days after the infection. Relative viability was calculated based on uninfected cells. Averages and SE bars are shown (n = 3). We repeated this assay for 3 times and show representative data

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