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Fig. 1

From: Occult invasive cervical cancer after simple hysterectomy: a multi-center retrospective study of 89 cases

Fig. 1

A comparison of relapse (Fig. 1-α) and survival curves (Fig. 1-β) between Subgroup A and Subgroup B. None of the patients had developed relapse or died of the disease at the last contact in patients in Subgroup A. In contrast, the 5-year RFS and 5-year OS in the patients in Subgroup B were 57.1 % and 66.7 %, respectively (P < 0.001, P = 0.008, respectively). Note: Subgroup A: patients with a tumor width ≤ 20 mm and superficial stromal invasion in the observation subgroup (n = 44). Subgroup B: patients with a tumor size > 20 mm and deep stromal invasion in the RT or CT subgroup (n = 9)

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