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Fig. 3

From: Melanoma-specific mortality and competing mortality in patients with non-metastatic malignant melanoma: a population-based analysis

Fig. 3

Nomogram for predicting 5- and 8-year probabilities of mortality in patients with melanoma. Abbreviations: Sex: F, female; M, male; Race: W, white; NonW, non-white; Histology: Su, superficial spreading melanoma; No, nodular melanoma; L, lentigo maligna melanoma; NOS, malignant melanoma, not otherwise specified; O, other melanomas; Site: E, extremities; T, trunk; F, face and ears; S, scalp and neck; MSD, melanoma-specific death; OCD, other causes of death. Instructions: Locate the patient’s characteristic on the variable row, and draw a vertical line straight up to the points’ row to obtain a value of points for the variable. Repeat this process, and assign points for each variable. Add up the total points and draw a vertical line from the total points’ row to obtain the probability of mortality ((a), melanoma-specific death; (b), other causes of death)

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