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Table 1 Drugs used in RCC therapy

From: Insulin-like growth factor-1 signaling in renal cell carcinoma

Group of drug Drugs Ref.
cytokines 1) Interleukin 2 - overall response rate - 15 %, complete response rate - 5 %, achieved by high dose. Problems with selection of patients who may benefit from treatment. 2) Interferon alfa - inferior to most new agents considering PFS (progression free survival), except in combination with bevacizumab. [13, 100]
VEGF-targeted drugs 1) Sorafenib – second and subsequent lines of treatment. 2) Sunitinib – first line treatment for metastatic RCC. 3) Pazopanib – non-inferior to sunitinib 4) Axitinib – treatment refractory RCC. 5) Bevacizumab – used with interferon alfa. Superior PFS when compared with monotherapy of interferon alfa. [7, 101, 102]
mTOR inhibitors 1) Temsirolimus – for patient with poor risk as a first line druga 2) Everolimus – used as a second line or third line drug. [7, 14, 17]
  1. athe five Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) factors plus metastasis in more than one organ