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Table 4 Baseline parameters showing utility values associated with BPH treatment

From: A cost effective analysis of fixed-dose combination of dutasteride and tamsulosin compared with dutasteride monotherapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia in Nigeria: a middle income perspective; using an interactive Markov model

Utility and disutility values used in the Markov model
  Utility values Source
Mild 0.883 aOppe et al. [26]
Moderate 0.787
Severe 0.382
TURP successful 0.833
TURP repeat 0.833
Disutility of AUR −0.145
Healthy 1.0
  1. Sensitivity test
  2. aThe quality of life was derived based on EQ-5D index score. Index score are based on general population variations survey that used TTO methods in Zimbabwe