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Fig. 4

From: Induction of artificial cancer stem cells from tongue cancer cells by defined reprogramming factors

Fig. 4

Wound healing assay. The wound healing ability for the transfectants was measured by wound healing assay. A. The HSC2/hOCT3/4-shp53-F + hSK + hUL had higher wound healing ability than that of HSC2 and HSC2/EGFP. Arrows show the width of uncovered scratch mark. The wound area was calculated according to the following formula: (wound area at Tt/wound area at T0) × 100, where Tt is the time passed since wounding and T0 is the time of initial wounding. B. The wound healing capacity for each cell type was calculated using the following equation: Wound closure = [1‑(wound area at Tt/wound area at T0) × 100. Error bars represent the standard deviation of the mean of three independent experiments

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