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Table 3 Characteristics of patients who died

From: Long-term survival and BRCA status in male breast cancer: a retrospective single-center analysis

Characteristics Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4 Patient 5 Patient 6 Patient 7
Age at diagnosis 40–50 50–60 30–40 70–80 70–80 70–80 50–60
Body mass index 20.7 27.0 22.8 27.0 31.4 29.0 25.0
Family history No No Yes No Yes No No
Smoke No No No Yes No No No
Alcohol intake No Yes No No Yes No No
Obesity No No No No Yes No No
Side Left Left Right Left Left Right Left
Stage IV II II III I III Unknown
Histotype Ductal Ductal Ductal Ductal Ductal Ductal Ductal
HR status ER+ ER-/PgR- ER+/PgR+ ER+/PgR+ ER+/PgR+ ER+/PgR+ Unknown
HER-2 positive Yes Unknown No Yes No No Unknown
Ki-67 high-level (cutoff 20 %) Unknown Unknown No Yes Yes Yes Unknown
Surgery M M M Q M M M
Radiotherapy Yes No No Yes No No No
Chemotherapy Yes Yes Yes Unknown No Yes No
Endocrine therapy Yes No Yes Unknown Unknown Yes No
Trastuzumab Yes No No Unknown No No No
Relapse Yes No Yes Yes No Unknown Yes
Other tumors Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
BRCA mutation No test No test BRCA 1 BRCA 2 BRCA 2 No test No test
Follow-up (days) 2465 5706 1795 1096 1031 173 3713
  1. For single patients, age is reported as decade range to maintain participant confidentiality
  2. Abbreviations: ER estrogen receptor, HR hormone receptor, M mastectomy, PgR progesterone receptor, Q quadrantectomy