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Fig. 2

From: Stimulation of triple negative breast cancer cell migration and metastases formation is prevented by chloroquine in a pre-irradiated mouse model

Fig. 2

Effect of CQ on D2A1 tumor growth and migration. a D2A1 tumor volumes measured after implantation in pre-irradiated or non-irradiated mammary glands of animals treated with vehicle or CQ. Treatment with CQ at 60 mg/kg significantly reduced the tumor volume from day 18 in non-irradiated animals, and from day 21 in tumors implanted in pre-irradiated mammary glands. b and c in vivo optical imaging of D2A1 cells in mice mammary glands. White arrows = injection site of D2A1 cells. Cell migration in pre-irradiated mammary glands was enhanced by 1.7-fold (**P < 0.01) compared to control side. Treatment with CQ at 40 mg/kg (*P < 0.05) or 60 mg/kg (**P < 0.01) completely blocked radiation-stimulation of cell migration in mammary glands. d H&E staining from tumor sections confirming results observed in B and C. T = D2A1 tumor, MG = mammary gland. e Quantification of tumor invasion using H&E staining. Invasion was calculated as follow: Invasion area (mm2)/Primary tumor area (mm2). Results were reported as radiation-enhancement ratio. H&E quantification of tumor sections show a 3.2-fold increase of invasion (***P = 0.004) for tumors implanted in pre-irradiated mammary glands that was completely prevented using CQ

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