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Fig. 4

From: High-risk oral leukoplakia is associated with aberrant promoter methylation of multiple genes

Fig. 4

Methylation profiles of the eight promoter CGIs in OL tissues and identification of aberrant methylation in OLs with dysplasia. a The methylation statuses of the eight genes showing promoter methylation in OSCC tissues were examined in 24 OL tissues. Six and two of the eight genes were expressed and unexpressed, respectively, in normal oral mucosae. Thirteen and 11 cases were OLs with and without dysplasia, respectively. The OLs with dysplasia were categorized into mild (n = 5), moderate (n = 6), and severe grade (n = 2). Five of the six expressed genes and both of the unexpressed genes showed promoter methylation in OL(s) with dysplasia. b When the number of methylated genes was summed and compared between OLs with and without dysplasia, the methylation status showed a significant association with the presence of dysplasia (p < 0.0001)

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