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Fig. 2

From: High-risk oral leukoplakia is associated with aberrant promoter methylation of multiple genes

Fig. 2

Methylation profiles of 15 promoter CGIs in five OSCC cell lines. a Promoter CGIs of 13 of the 15 genes were methylated in one or more of the five OSCC cell lines (Ca9–22, HSC-2, HO-1-N-1, HSC-3 and SCC-4). Closed box, methylated DNA detected; open box, methylated DNA not detected. b Representative results of MSP in the five OSCC cell lines are shown. Methylated DNA-specific primer sets were used to detect aberrant DNA methylation. Primer sets that target the Alu repeat sequence were used as a control of the amount of bisulfite-treated DNA. M-cont and UM-cont are fully methylated and fully unmethylated DNA, respectively

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