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Fig. 1

From: High-risk oral leukoplakia is associated with aberrant promoter methylation of multiple genes

Fig. 1

Isolation of methylation-silenced genes in two OSCC cell lines. MeDIP–CGI microarray analysis showed that 797 and 513 promoter CGIs were hypermethylated in Ca9–22 and HSC-2, respectively. 5-aza-dC – cDNA microarray analysis showed that the expression levels of 675 and 212 genes were upregulated in Ca9–22 and HSC-2, respectively. By integrating these data, 50 and 8 genes were indicated methylation-silenced in Ca9–22 and HSC-2, respectively. After duplicates were removed, 52 genes were indicated to be methylation-silenced in either cell line. Of these 52 genes, 15 genes were randomly selected for further analysis

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