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Fig. 2

From: Tissue metabolic profiling of human gastric cancer assessed by 1H NMR

Fig. 2

Metabolic profiling between gastric cancer tissues and normal controls. a OPLS-DA scores plot between the gastric cancer tissues and normal controls using 1H NMR. Black triangles represent normal controls, red blocks represent stage I of gastric cancer tissues, blue blocks represent stage II, green blocks represent stage III, yellow blocks represent stage IV. b Statistical validation of the corresponding PLS-DA model using permutation analysis (200 times). R2 is the explained variance, and Q2 is the predictive ability of the model. c ROC analysis was performed using the Y-predicted value determined by the OPLS-DA model. AUC value of this OPLS-DA model was 0.945. d The color map showed the significance of metabolite variations between the two classes. The color close to blue means the trend of metabolite change was smaller, The color close to red means the trend of metabolite change is bigger. The color value represents the relative degree of metabolite changes. Peaks in the positive direction indicate the increased metabolites in gastric cancer tissues in comparison to normal controls. Peaks in the negative direction indicate the decreased metabolites

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