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Table 1 Recommended methods of primary tumor control in the SENORITA trial

From: Assessment of laparoscopic stomach preserving surgery with sentinel basin dissection versus standard gastrectomy with lymphadenectomy in early gastric cancer–A multicenter randomized phase III clinical trial (SENORITA trial) protocol

  Mucosa Submucosa
≤20 mm 21–30 mm ≤20 mm 21–30 mm
Differentiated type Exclusion ESD or LWR/EFTR or LSR LWR/EFTR or LSR LSR
Undifferentiated type ESD or LWR/EFTR or LSR LSR LWR/EFTR or LSR LSR
  1. ESD endoscopic submucosal dissection, LWR laparoscopic wedge resection, EFTR endoscopic full-thickness resection, LSR laparoscopic segmental resection