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Fig. 1

From: A cell transportation solution that preserves live circulating tumor cells in patient blood samples

Fig. 1

MCF-7 cells were labeled with CellTracker™ live dye and spiked into whole blood either in the presence or absence of SBTS. After 4 days of storage at RT, the blood sample was filtered and the filters put into tissue culture media (DMEM +10 % FBS). After 3 days in tissue culture, MCF-7 cells were dividing and forming colonies (Panel a). Insets in panel A shows higher resolutions of an MCF-7 cell stained with DAPI (left) and CellTracker™ live dye (right) (box = 35 μm). MCF-7 cells that were incubated in whole blood for the same period did not grow (Panel b). Bar equals 100 μm

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