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Table 5 Gene ontology enrichment in different groups of hereditary tumors

From: Different Array CGH profiles within hereditary breast cancer tumors associated to BRCA1 expression and overall survival

Tumor groups Enriched Gene Ontologies
BRCA1/2 mutated Regulation of cytoskeleton organization, Negative regulation of mammary epithelial cell proliferation, Protein modification process, Apoptosis, Cell cycle regulation, RNA transcription and processing, DNA damage repair, DNA packaging
BRCA1 not expressing Alpha aminoacid metabolic/biosynthetic processes, Protein citrullination and Citrulline metabolism, Proteolysis, Transcription, Chromosome segregation and chromatin organization, Apoptosis
BRCA1 expressing No enrichment was found
Blue cluster Antigen processing and presentation (13 GO Terms), Intracellular transport
Yellow cluster Cytokine signaling, Collagen metabolic processes and Extracellular matrix organization
Purple cluster Calcium-independent cell-cell adhesion
Green cluster No enrichment was found