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Fig. 3

From: Cyclopamine tartrate, an inhibitor of Hedgehog signaling, strongly interferes with mitochondrial function and suppresses aerobic respiration in lung cancer cells

Fig. 3

The effect of CycT treatment on the levels of ALAS1 (a), HO1 (b), Gli1 (c), and phospho-p44/p42 MAPK (d). The NSCLC A549 cells were cultured and treated with CycT for 24 h [lane 2 in (a) and (b)] or without CycT [lane 1 in (a) and (b)]. In (c) and (d), cells were treated without (lane 1) or with CycT for 1 (lane 2), 3 (lane 3), 6 (lane 4), 12 (lane 5), and 24 (lane 6) hours as indicated. Protein extracts were prepared and the levels of the proteins were detected by Western blotting. The protein level of vinculin was used for normalization. For statistical analysis, the levels in treated cells were compared to the levels in untreated cells, by using Welch 2-sample t-test. *, p value < 0.05

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