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Fig. 1

From: Cyclopamine tartrate, an inhibitor of Hedgehog signaling, strongly interferes with mitochondrial function and suppresses aerobic respiration in lung cancer cells

Fig. 1

a The rates of oxygen consumption are intensified in various NSCLC cell lines. b-g CycT, like glutamine depletion, strongly diminished oxygen consumption rates in NSCLC H1299 (b), H1395 (c), Calu-3 (d), A549 (e), HCC4017 (f), and H460 (g) cells. NSCLC cell lines were cultured in their normal medium or in medium lacking glucose or glutamine, or treated with CycT, as indicated. h SMO inhibitor SANT1, like CycT, can diminish oxygen consumption in NSCLC cells. H1299 cells were treated with CycT or SANT1. The rates of oxygen consumption were measured. The data shown were averages of at least three independent measurements. For statistical analysis, the values were compared to that in nontumorigenic HBEC lung cells (a) or those in normal culture medium (in B-G), by using Welch 2-sample t-test. *, p value < 0.05; **, p value < 0.005

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