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Fig. 2

From: Forkhead Box F1 promotes breast cancer cell migration by upregulating lysyl oxidase and suppressing Smad2/3 signaling

Fig. 2

Induced expression of FoxF1 causes remodeling of the cytoskeleton and increase of LOX expression. a-b, FoxF1 and GFP expression in HB2 cells expressing the tetracycline repressor plus the FoxF1-IRES-GFP construct (TFoxF1-50) analyzed by flow cytometry (a) and immunofluorescence (b), 2 days after addition of dox (1 μg/mL) as indicated. c, photomicrographs and fluorescence photomicrographs of TFoxF1-50 cells, untreated or treated with dox for 24 or 48 h, F-actin is stained with phalloidin-Alexa Fluor-546. d, photomicrographs and F-actin fluorescence photomicrographs of parental and FoxF1 overexpressing HC11 cells, stained with phalloidin-Alexa Fluor-546. e, RT-PCR analysis of LOX mRNA levels in TFoxF1-50 cells and TR34 control cells (HB2 cells expressing the tetracycline repressor), untreated or dox-treated for 48 h. b-d, Scale bar: 20 μm

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