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Table 1 Pathway analysis for genes significantly modulated by the combination compared to individual agents alone

From: IκBα mediates prostate cancer cell death induced by combinatorial targeting of the androgen receptor

Ingenuity pathway analysis DAVID (KEGG) pathway analysis
Pathway ID Genes involved p-value Pathway ID Genes involved p-value
Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer FYN, PMAIP1, NFKBIA, GNA15, RHOU, PLCB1 8.91 × 10−7 Pathways in cancer IGF1R, LAMA1, LAMA3, KLK3, NKX3-1, NFKBIA, ZBTB16, PIAS1, MMP1 1.01 × 10−8
Inositol Phosphate Metabolism SYNJ1, SGK1, PLCB1, MAK 2.75 × 10−6 Focal adhesion IGF1R, LAMA1, LAMA3, FYN, THBS1, VCL 2.66 × 10−6
p53 Signaling PMAIP1, TP53INP1, THBS1, SNAI2, TNFRSF10B 3.16 × 10−6 Jak-STAT signaling pathway SOCS2, LIFR, PIAS1, IL6R 2.48 × 10−4
Prostate Cancer Signaling NFKBIA, NKX3-1, KLK3 8.13 × 10−5 Small cell lung cancer LAMA1, LAMA3, NFKBIA, PIAS1 2.84 × 10−4
Aldosterone Signaling in Epithelial Cells SGK1, PLCB1, DNAJB14 2.88 × 10−4 Prostate cancer IGF1R, KLK3, NKX3-1, NFKBIA 3.02 × 10−4
Glioma Signaling IGF1R 3.63 × 10−4 Adherens junction IGF1R, FYN, SNAI2, VCL 3.22 × 10−4
Biosynthesis of Steroids HMGCR 5.25 × 10−4 Axon guidance NRP1, FYN, NTNG1, EFNA5 4.08 × 10−4
NRF2-mediated Oxidative Stress Response GSTM2, MAF, DNAJB14, ABCC4 0.0010 ECM-receptor interaction LAMA1, LAMA3, THBS1 0.0018
Xenobiotic Metabolism Signaling GSTM2, MAF, CYP3A5 0.0013 Long-term depression IGF1R, GUCY1A3, PLCB1 0.0029
TWEAK Signaling NFKBIA 0.0016 Adipocytokine signaling pathway NFKBIA, ACSL3, CAMKK2 0.0038
TNFR1 Signaling NFKBIA 0.0018 Gap junction TUBB, GUCY1A3, PLCB1 0.0047
TNFR2 Signaling NFKBIA 0.0023 p53 signaling pathway TNFRSF10B, PMAIP1, THBS1 0.0064
Role of CHK Proteins in Cell Cycle Checkpoint Control HUS1 0.0026 T cell receptor signaling pathway CD8B, FYN, NFKBIA 0.0073
B Cell Receptor Signaling NFKBIA 0.0037 Purine metabolism POLE2, GUCY1A3, PDE9A 0.0095
Prolactin Signaling FYN, SOCS2 0.0038 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction TNFRSF10B, LIFR, IL6R 0.0103
PI3K/AKT Signaling NFKBIA 0.0060 Hematopoietic cell lineage CD8B, IL6R 0.0355
Insulin Receptor Signaling FYN, SGK1 0.0065 ABC transporters ABCC4, ABCG1 0.0462
Death Receptor Signaling NFKBIA, TNFRSF10B 0.0083 Drug metabolism CYP3A5, NAT1 0.0462